Effective Date: June 1, 2017



Having grown up in the age of technology ourselves, we understand the importance of internet privacy. That is why we want to make sure you understand your privacy rights and CliqBit’s commitment to making sure they are protected when you work with us. We respect your privacy, which is why we protect your identity and take good care of the information you choose to share with us. By sharing your personally-identifiable information (e.g. name, school, phone number) with us, you consent to CliqBit using that data in the ways we describe below. For more details into our policies, please refer to our Terms of Use.


Information we collect from Corporate/Startup Clients & how we use it

We collect personally-identifiable information from you in order to contact you and fulfill your inquiries. Along with the non-personally-identifiable information that you provide to us, we use them to complete your requests for information related to our services, process your requests, evaluate the legitimacy of your company and point researcher or focus group facilitator to protect the minors and their data, personalize the content you receive, speed up the matching process for studies to be organized in the fastest turnaround time possible, and improve our services for you. The information will be kept on file for us to contact you.


We will expressly ask for permission to use any personally-identifiable pieces of your information to be used by CliqBit for purposes other than those stated, such as creating a Case Study or report.

Information we collect from Gen Z Research Participants & how we use it

We collect personally-identifiable information from you, which in our case is the background data that points directly at you, such as phone number and name. We also collect non-personally-identifiable information from you as well. These are the pieces of data that do not directly tie in with who you are. They can include everything from preferences to school name and ethnicity. We combine these pieces of information, which make it possible for us to match you with the most suitable company research study opportunities and lessen the amount of time you would waste trying to figure out which studies you qualify for. If both types of information are used together, then we group them all together as personally-identifiable information that we protect.


We use this information to:

  • Help us quickly determine whether or not you have a higher chance of qualifying for participating in an upcoming research study when the company comes to us with a list of specific “screener” questions
  • Contact you effectively about these exciting opportunities
  • Help the market research run smoother on the company side
  • Add into our data analyses to improve our own processes and contribute to our own potential studies


Information we collect through our website

We collect certain pieces of information that you do not explicitly provide us that helps our platform run efficiently, such as your computer’s IP address, HTTP protocol elements, status of the cookies placed on your computer, introductory questionnaire status, and browsing status strictly on our website.



Unfortunately our cookies are less delicious than your grandmother’s but every bit as necessary to make sure you are answering the introductory questionnaire precisely in order to place you in the most fitting research studies for your heightened satisfaction. These cookies are non-personally-identifiable pieces of information that CliqBit (and all other websites you visit) provide to be stored by your web browser on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies help us identify where you are spending your time on our website, on the survey, and where you may be getting stuck so we can help you out.


The information we obtain from these cookies will not be used to market anything to you, nor will they be provided to third parties. We will only use this information to help CliqBit perform the services it expressly tells you it will perform. However, we still give you the option to review or opt out of any cookies yourself through your own web browser.


Information protection (Security)

CliqBit’s team has internet privacy and cybersecurity experts. Together, we follow the generally accepted standards in technology and operational security to protect the information you provide us from misuse, loss, changes, unauthorized access, and destruction. From the point of transmission to reception, your data is under our supervision. But it is important to keep in mind that there are innate risks involved with the nature of transmitting and hosting personal information.


Storage & processing of your information

The personally identifiable information you provide us may be stored, hosted, or processed within your country or any other throughout the world in which CliqBit or our vendors (e.g Amazon Web Services) have web service facilities in. Different nations may have different regulations around data privacy that we will abide to, but the minimum amount of protection provided will always be the ones our company has committed to in this Privacy Policy. By using our services, you are consenting to any transnational transferring and hosting of your data.


Any third party vendor used by CliqBit for anything related to your information have committed to the same levels of protection to your privacy. They will have no right to use any of your information other than the ones agreed upon in its services provided for CliqBit.


Both CliqBit and third party vendors will only hold your information within what is allowed by law.


Access (Edit of Information)

We offer you the freedom of managing the personal information you have already provided to us. Currently, you can edit any of your personal information by sending your edits to hwei@cliqbitapp.com and we will make the changes. We will promptly respect your requests within a reasonable sphere. Obviously if you message us every single day to change one different letter in your name, that would be “unreasonable”. But if you discover a new hobby that really defines who you are, then you may amend the information you have on record. Similarly, you can contact us if you would like to review your information or to ask us to stop sending you notifications or research opportunities.


If you do not want us to collect personally-identifiable information from you right off the bat, then please do not go through the hassle of sending them to us.


Choice (including lawful exceptions)

We give you the opportunity to opt-out of passing on certain pieces of personally-identifiable information, such as your last name, email, etc., to third parties or for use of the data that is materially different from what it was originally collected for. But CliqBit will offer you a choice if the latter becomes an option, unless for reasons of abiding with lawful procedures.


Otherwise your personal information is only shared with CliqBit’s affiliates, subsidiaries, and immediate clients in in order to perform services necessary for CliqBit to run smoothly, or for law-related and legal purposes, or lastly in a response to lawful requests from public authorities who need it for purposes of national security, law enforcement requirements, or public interest. Violations to CliqBit’s terms of use are also subject to the same conditions.


We, CliqBit, also reserve the right to transfer your personal information in the case of an audit (an examination by professionals), or if the company sells to another entity or transfers any of its business or assets (including acquisitions, mergers, dissolution, liquidation, joint venture and reorganization). But if these events happen, we will still be strongly advocating for your privacy rights.


Privacy Shield Compliance

Not available currently. We do not currently have presence in the European Union in any manner.



We, CliqBit, provide information in this Privacy Policy about our Personal Data practices around the information given to us by the Client (companies/startups) and Research Participants (Gen Z). We outline the general Privacy Policy, which includes the types of data collected, the purposes for collecting the data, third party privacy policies, the rights and options we give to you around controlling your personal information, and how to contact us with regards to personal information practices.


Data Integrity and Purpose Limitation

As mentioned before, we only use the data we collect from you in ways that support the services we provide for you that are listed in our Terms of Use. In other words, we only take the data that you willingly provide us and use them according to their original intent, and use the most up-to-date data accurately and completely. This means we will not use bits and pieces of your information to falsify any persona or statement. In order to maintain this commitment, we need you to keep us updated on your most relevant pieces of information that you first provided us with in the introductory questionnaire. This way we can represent you properly and keep you in the loop on studies that continue to be relevant to your life.


Recourse, Enforcement, Liability

We are not yet compliant with all the Privacy Shield policies because we are not yet operating in the European Union.


Questions/Feedback or General Privacy Contact

Please send to hwei@cliqbitapp.com