We've organized the commonly asked questions for you below. 


How much money do I make? 

We start by giving you a minimum of $20 per hour, and you can make up to $50 per hour depending on the study. We'll let you know when we initially contact you about the opportunity. 

How is the money delivered to me?

We're not expecting you to have a bank account! It'll be nice and simple— we email/text you a gift card link. The gift cards will be from Amazon, Visa, or Tango (which has access to over 40 premium retailers & charity options). 



How exactly am I supposed to share my thoughts with companies?

At this stage, we are only offering opportunities to share your thoughts with companies in-person. They want you to visit them, so we will organize research studies and you can select the ones you want to attend. You would meet with a company researcher along with a group of other Gen Z-ers near you who qualify for the study. You'd then be paid for your thoughts/feedback and other research-related things. 

Which options do I have right now of sharing my thoughts with companies?

CliqBit is still growing in its network for Gen Z-ers. As we scale, you have the opportunity of signing up to do in-person research by meeting with company researchers either at a major corporate office or at a location you agree upon (coffee shop, ice cream parlor, restaurant, etc). 

Once we bring on over 5000 Gen Z-ers, we will officially launch online research options for you. We will start with surveys and introduce online social communities. More to come!

What are the perks of doing in-person research?

First off, it pays the best— $20-$50 per hour.

Second, you get to interact with people who work at your favorite companies and help them make important decisions on products/services. You're taking part in learning about how large companies conduct research and make big decisions.

Third, you'll meet other cool Gen Z-ers on-site. 

Fourth, because FOMO.

When does online research become available to me? 

Online research will kick-start once we get 5000 Gen Z-ers to sign up for CliqBit, so poke your friends today! We're hoping this will mean by the end of the year; we'll keep you updated though, so you know when we'll have a personalized page of surveys you can take. Then you can have a lot more research study opportunities to make GAIN$$.


Profile Questions

Why do I need to answer these questions about myself?

Companies reach out to us asking for Gen Z research participants who match a list of specified criteria. We ask for your personal info ahead of time simply so you don't have to get spammed with too many additional questions to see if you qualify for every study. However, it is important to note that we do not discriminate based on your answers, and we keep it as removed from your identity as possible, meaning our system only looks at your background and not your name in the decision-making process. 

How is my info stored?

Your data security and online privacy is our utmost priority. Please check out the Privacy Policy if you have concerns— we wrote it up word-for-word by hand. We only use your info to help match you to the best/most relevant studies. Personally identifiable info will remain safe in our CliqBit database. Hannah from CliqBit is in charge of it, so reach out to hwei@cliqbitapp.com if you have questions or concerns. She is working on publishing a paper on internet security and minors' internet privacy right now through her MIT research, so she's on the frontier of making sure your internet presence is as safe as possible. Your info is stored on secure Amazon Web Services. AWS is well-known for being super secure in protecting data, so that's why we pay the extra bucks to store your info there.



More questions? Reach out at hwei@cliqbitapp.com or send a Snap to @cliqbit!